An event being well organized and enjoyable is what precisely most planners wish. You don’t have to compromise your budget to be able to make this happen as there are some diy party decorations pinterest you can use to make your party successful. With that, prepare your thinking and get crafty!

Paper Heart Garland: This is an accessory that could be interchanged to be able to compliment your theme. Other than that, it is also adorable and easy to assemble. Don’t worry as the materials you are going to need are very accessible. Herewith that, listed below are the things you should do. First, prepare your favorite die-cutting machine and punch out 30 shapes. Afterwards, attach the shapes to a twine using glue or other sticking materials. Once finished, you can start off decorating your venue.

Embossed Gift Tags: An embossed gift tag can provide it a feel of being personalized, that will make it all the more special for your loved ones who will receive it. It’s easily done since you simply have to die cut shapes and punch it out making use of your die cutting machine, and then you can start embossing it with your desired patterns. Writing a heartfelt message to the gift’s receiver will make your gift much more valuable. You can even use this fast trick and make place cards for a fancy dinner by means of swapping out your gift tag shape for a square, embossing it with your design, then writing your guest’s name on it.

Easy Party Favors: These are great as you can fill them with any type of treat you can imagine. Regardless of the occasion, these items can be made making use of patterned paper or cardstock by die-cutting your preferred material. It would be fantastic if you already have a pillow box shape made. If you would like, you can also utilize a regular box shape for your party favor box. With the help of a die cutting machine making these are made simpler. You only need to punch out your box shape, fold it along the score lines, put a glue in it and decorate it to your heart’s content. Fill it with small treats for a kid’s birthday celebration or pink and blue candies for a baby shower. Your guest will love their take home favors!

Custom Paper Drinking Straws: This DIY party idea is so cute and best for a little girl’s birthday party or a brunch with the gals (or you can very easily switch this up to fit whatever event, though). Buy colorful paper straws and mason jars from any supplier. You don’t need to worry since there are lots of inexpensive options you can choose which are available online. Then, cut a shape to match your drink or theme, like little lemon shapes if you’re planning on serving lemonade or cherry shapes if you’re serving fruit punch- and attach it to the paper straw with glue. This will ensure that your glasses will be unique and cute.

I really wish for you to try these DIY party ideas as they are very perfect for celebrations. Unleash your inner artistry and be artistic.

Diy crafts projects are getting more and more popularity these days and for a good reason, they’re fun and it can help you save a boatload of money. If you think that this is the usual scrapbooking and quilting activity, then you’re wrong. With this, you will be able to study how to make various seasonal cards and invitations and accessories. All you need to do is find that DIY project that you’ll love to do.

For every DIY project you are intending to do, always contemplate making use of an essential tool called Sizzix Big Shot. There are a lot of amazing projects that you can do with a die-cutting machine and if you don’t have one in your collection of crafting tools, then you’re surely missing out. It has a lot of dies available which means you will be able to do all the project that you would like to try.

With that, here are some of the great DIY crafts Big Shot can help you:

Gift Tags and Party Envelopes

These cute little envelopes are really simple to make and are perfect for gift tags and party invitations or favors.

Die-cut the type of patterned paper or cardstock that you want making use of the Sizzix Big Die in the Envelope & Tag, Mini shape, and then fold along the creased lines to assemble your own envelope. Once done, you can now put the tags to the envelope and design it according to your choices. If you wish, you can also thread a piece of colored twine or tie a bow through piercing a hole at the top part of the envelop.


To make the sweets you are giving more appealing, put them into a cute matchbox treat holder. You have to keep in mind to make use of appropriate colors for each season, like orange and black throughout Halloween season.

Cut a box out of a cardstock and put Movers & Shapers “eat” die in the Matchbox base die; make use of different types of patterned papers depending on your theme. Make sure that you fold the box in accordance with the creased lines afterwards. Attach a piece of patterned paper to show through the “eat” window that you’ve only designed, then attach a knotted ribbon or piece of twine to the box to utilize as a drawer pull. Lastly, use your imagination in adding accessories to the box.

One-of-a-Kind Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes are incredible gift card holders; these are quite simple to assemble making use of Big Shot and Fancy Pillow Box die. You can get all these at Where Women Cook collection.

Die-cut any patterned paper or cardstock that you want to create Fancy Pillow Box. Just before putting anything to it, build your box when you fold the creased line on the shape. Secure it closed by means of folding over the flap, and then embellish them however you like using whatever you have on hand. You can make use of cute buttons and attractive ribbons to really make it more desirable.

DIY crafts are certainly enjoyable; finding out the final product and showing it off to others make it more thrilling. So, get out there and start crafting!

The Vagabond die cutting machine by Sizzix is an incredible piece of die-cutting machinery. Beautifully made, this motorized machine appears like a mini leather suitcase that’s been worn in from many years of travel, complete with a set of stickers that you can use to personalize your machine. The Sizzix Vagabond shines from others when it comes to its design alone as it can be fitted to virtually any craft room. Even though this die-cutter looked rugged, this machine is perfect. It has better functionality compared to other machines to choose from.

There are other accessories that is included in the package aside from the machine such as a solo platform, a solo shim for deep embossing, and a lovely set of stickers. Although it is motorized, this die-cutter is transportable; making it easier for the owner to bring it anyplace. The total weight of this machine is 14 pounds which is really long lasting. The machine has adequate room where accessories could be kept organized; and there is also a little compartment on the side where the power cable is secured.

The Vagabond is very easy and enjoyable to work with that you’ll regret not having one sooner, particularly if you are a heavy crafter. Simply press the release button to make use of it. Tim Holtz really came up with an excellent idea for its design. He mentioned that his purpose was to make the Vagabond stronger and more solid than any other die-cutter (even within the Sizzix line) and he definitely achieved that. It cuts through hard materials, such as Grungeboard, metal, and canvas, like butter. The capability to cut through any kind of materials with ease is the major reason why this machine is sought-after.

It can be great device for novices because it has printed guidelines indicated in the shim and platform. The instructions states how to utilize the machine, and what exactly materials works best with it and things to avoid. With this, reading through those boring instruction is not needed anymore. You only need to plug the machine, and you’re all set to begin the work.

Over the Vagabond, on both sides of the handle bars, are the buttons to work it with one side being only for decoration and also the other has a motor button and the forward/reverse switch. There’s not much else you have to know about the operation of the machine to get started on any projects you are interested in.

It’s a good idea to buy a compact die cutting machine particularly if you are a vivid crafter. Both beginners and the advanced crafters can absolutely find Sizzix Vagabond helpful. So, if you’re trying to find a die-cutting machine that has it all and does it all, while prepare you breakfast, then you have to do yourself a favor and check out the Sizzix Vagabond made by Tim Holtz.

There are lots of techniques and materials utilized by professional décor crafters to make remarkable home decor pieces that can be created especially for the Christmas season.

Well, you may have just stepped in the best place as you will be able to get some exceptional ideas that will assist you in finding your very own DIY home decor crafts pieces. Check out the entire article to find the information you are looking for.


Wreaths – DIY wreaths are an excellent way to celebrate the season. You will typically not find another item that is more festive and creative than this one. As for making it, you’ll need to have a blank wreath wire flame, a holiday ribbon or material, which you will wrap around the frame, a holly leaf die and some festive cardstock or scrapbooking paper that will be cut into leaf forms and attached to the wreath to create a 3D effect on your self-made wreath.

Banners – What greater way to get into the holiday spirit than to say it with your preferred Christmas words? Words like “Joy”, “Peace on Earth”, or even the simple “Merry Christmas” are already enough to express how blissful the Christmas time is and those who will see it will feel the same way too. You create letterings through the use of stamps, then die-cut triangle and scallop shapes out of any holiday cardstock or Christmas scrapbooking paper. And then, get your embroidery floss and do the knots. See? It’s not really that difficult!

Ornaments – Ornaments are great for both the exteriors and interiors of your house. Making your own 3D ornaments can be accomplish by making use of felt and stuffing. You can also opt for card stock and then combine it with embroidery floss to make the perfect ornament ideal for your own home.

Shadow Box – A fun means of expressing the holiday cheer is through shadow boxes. Get some supplies like a shadow box frame, family photos, festive cardstock and dies, ribbons, stamps, adhesive and allow your ingenuity go wild. Creating these might end up as your family’s heirloom.

Craft Ideas

Holidays with your loved ones can be more fun with DIY home decor. Here are a few Christmas craft ideas that you would want.

Pop-up Christmas Cards – Chirstmas cards will be enjoyable to create with your family, but you can boost it by making them into 3D pop-up cards.

Little Santas – Use your old toilet and paper towel rolls by transforming them into very little Santas. Make triangle shapes for your small Santa’s hat, circle shapes for the face and eyes and scallop shape for the beard. Let the children put them all together employing a glue.

Candy Jar – You could also get your kids decorate candy jars with ribbon, stamps, die shapes, cotton ball and also glitters.

Christmas Lanterns – Make your house lighter with Christmas lanterns by making use of decorative papers to make them. You will see the joy in your youngsters eye seeing their lanterns late as they stay up late waiting for Ol’ Saint Nick.

Due to a number of good feedbacks in the crafting business, Designer Tim Holtz and his products becomes incredibly popular. Heavy hitters just like Sizzix, Ranger, and Stampers Anonymous that are greatly designed are what made his name reputable in the crafting business. Rustic or vintage products are the products that he generally designed.

Yes, it is factual that Tim Holtz’s ink methods and projects made him famous but just what made him even more and more popular are his Tim Holtz dies and embossing folders and also his involvement in the popular Sizzix Vagabond machine’s development. Because of the gorgeous and innovative shapes that can also work with some other die collections, his dies are the top options of a number of papercrafters and scapbookers. Through this, you’ll definitely be amazed about your personal collection for it can turn into a number of projects that you never imagined to happen.

Additionally, nothing beats the Sizzix Vagabond machine which functions properly. As a result, the Vagabond machine design doesn’t only offer efficiency, but it also have an excellent design exactly where everybody can make use of it with ease. This machine gives simple control and is very handy at the same time. More or less, its complete weight is around 14 pounds or even more.

Tim Holtz made dies with each and every Sizzix machines; so if you work with a Sizzix machine its like you’re also working together with Tim Holtz dies. Moreover, you can appreciate the remarkable dies and embossing folders that comes with the machines.

You deserve each and every recognition coming from your friends, family and even scrapbooking pros when they noticed the outcomes of your Tim Holtz inspired designs. The Movers & Shapers collection are ideal for newbies because they can build a collection of dies, and reuse them once again the next time. There are numerous basic shapes and frames which are ideal for numerous scrapbooking and card making projects.

Don’t limit your creations with Tim Holtz tattered rose die in papercrafting. Regardless of your knowledge, you’d certainly take pleasure in working with lots of neat projects. If you shop around and brainstorm for your following project; you’d surely wind up thinking about a number of quilt projects such as rustic cottage quilt, fun travel zip bag as well as a wristlet. But irrespective of precisely what project you choose, you can make it a part of your important collections.

Tim Holtz dies and some other products can be the right piece in your crafting collection simply because they can match any crafting background you are pursuing. As soon as you find his beautiful designs, sure you cannot resist the desire to begin crafting. And If you’re ever in need of exciting and fun projects to use your dies with then see the Tim Holtz blog that’s dedicated to giving easy-to-follow tutorials on all of his brand new projects. In Pinterest, you can also seen lots of holiday craft ideas that you can utilize.

It’s suggested that you think about Tim Holtz dies, embossing folders, and other products if you wish to grow your crafting collections.

Brenda Walton’s new Christmas Collection of dies for Sizzix is perfect for those who are looking for cool and simple Christmas crafts for the holidays. Whether you’re intending to create a hand crafted card, decorations, or gifts, you can definitely do it beautifully using her newest collection of dies and embossing folders. Her world journeys have inspired her that is why her newest collection has a European-country Christmas concept. You’ll find everything you need to spread Christmas joy and cheer.

Her Favorite Things collection is suitable for this collection that is why you can really create Christmas crafts homemade that are stunning and distinctive.

If you want to impress your friends and family, then be sure to make use of these Christmas craft ideas:

Country Cottage

Visitors will be entertained when they see this holiday project as a centerpiece. If you have a Bigz XL die, making a perfect European Country Cottage would be a piece of cake.

The pieces of the Country Cottage are cut out using the die. It is recommended that you use designed paper and cardstock. If ever you want to a classic or woodland look, it would be more recommended if you will use a wood grain type of paper. (Reminder, the Roof is cut on the fold.) Fold along the crease lines of the die-cut shapes to put together. A number of moss, copper trim and twigs could be used to accentuate the Cottage.

Stocking Gift Card Holder

If you want make some cute but functional Christmas crafts, then consider making a gift card holder since people can utilize it to put the gift card and small treats that they will be getting this Christmas. The die-cut set that you need use if you want to make a holder that can cater to a typical sized gift card, then try using the set utilized to create Stocking Gift Card Holders. It’s a charming little way to show someone how much you care during the Christmas period.

By making use of Christmas cardstock and patterned paper, you can simply die-cut a Stocking Gift Card Holder. Using the embossing folder of your choice, emboss the cuff of the stocking before you assemble the Gift Card Holder. Put in a ribbon loop for hanging as soon as you assembled the Stocking, then you are free to put anything such as stickers, flowers, or messages.


With the aid of the Sizzix Bigz Die Snowflake Ornament, you can easily create another cool Christmas crafts like snowflake decorations for gift toppers and ornaments for the tree. You can create several of these for your holiday events.

With Brenda Walton’s new Favorite Things collection, you can create simple but lovely Christmas crafts in a fashion that is fun and exciting. Have fun in your Crafting period!

Have you ever heard of touching a button to make wonderful and personal gift bags? For sure you’ll love this cool gift bag idea if you are someone whose passion is crafting and giving gifts. Surely, you can capture your loved ones’ interest with the aid of gift bags made of scrapbook paper through reading the following.

With the use of SizzixeClips Machine you can rest assured that you will be able to create the paper gift bag that can complement regardless of the occasion and season. Is there someone dear to you that will soon celebrate a birthday? Do you know anybody who will be holding a celebration and needing magnificent party favors? Or a little trick or treats during the Halloween that might need some candy bags? You can likely see joyful faces from the recipients of the fun and spooky candy bag.

Below are the instructions on how to make a gift bag look nice in a quick and easy method using your SizzixeClips Machine

You must first select the certain cardstock or scrapbook paper to use. You can delight from making simple paper design or exceed complexity by including stamps on it.

Once you’ve loaded your Albums, Bags, Boxes eClips Cartridge, the next thing that you have to do is choosing among the bags option being laid to you. Go over the bag options to be able to find the right one for the occasion, then hit okay and choose your favored size.

After figuring out what dimensions that will work for your gift bag, press cut. Cutting out the bag shape will be performed by your SizzixeClips. You don’t have to do anything else but fold and add adhesive. Such a breeze!

Now, it’s up to you to put any embellishments, tags, or any other fun details to make a gift paper gift bag that is sure to wow your friends and family.

Enjoy and come up with an incredible craft!

Do you love the feeling of having a beautiful handmade birthday card? If you’re wondering how to make a birthday card exactly how to help to make a birthday card using Sizzix Framelits, this post will teach you how you can do so.

Using a Framelit is really a much more creative means of making a customized birthday card when compared to a card die. The following are the steps to get started: More »

If you wish to do something that is entertaining and simple, then die cutting is great for you. For any occasion, you can fashion out an assortment of creative paper craft projects by simply replacing between the countless available die templates. In terms of this, two of the most trendy die templates there is, the Sizzix Framelits and Spellbinders Nestabilities, are classified below.

Cutting papers in a simple and precise manner is possible regardless if you are making use of Sizzix Framelits or Spellbinders Nestabilities even though these die template lines vary from one another in a number of methods.

Right out of the package both die templates seem much the same because they both have a cutting edge and a lip. But if you take a look at them carefully, then you will see the huge difference. The lip of the Sizzix Framelits extends out about one-fourth to one-third inch, and its cutting edge is found on the inner portion of the die for you to be capable to view the area you are cutting. On the other hand, the cutting edge of the Spellbinders Nestabilities is in the core of the die, with a little allowance of about ? inch or less on both sides, making it probable for you to emboss and stencil your image.

Sizzix Framelits

To achieve the most accurate cuts for stamped or embossed images, Sizzix Framelits provide matching stamps and embossing folders along with their high quality designs and different types. The cutting edge of Framelits is on the inside of the die, which signifies that you don’t need to make a guess to measure your perfect die cut because you can see precisely where you’re cutting.

There is no need to get worried since Sizzix Framelits are also suitable with the platforms, Big Shot, BIGkick, and Vagabond in other die cutting machines.. Making frames, stencil, and crop photos is easy, and 3D layering is also possible with the use of this template. To sum up, the Sizzix Framelits die templates are fabulously flexible method of bringing a professional look to any of your paper craft projects, fast and easy.

Spellbinders Nestabilities

The Spellbinders Nestabilities line takes great pride of their basic shapes and labels. They can be utilized in lots of ways, just like individually or nested collectively to create great mats, or for crafting frames and shaping cards. The cutting edge found on Spellbinders Nestabilities is found in the center of the die, so you have the option of embossing rather than cutting.

There is a wide range of die templates to select from that is why you can accomplish any paper project with Spellbinders Nestabilities. The Card Creator die template is designed to make faultlessly measured cards with ease, which is best If you would like to create an invitation card for a party. You can even opt for their Ornamental Elements die templates if you’re dealing with a scrapbook, together with the countless accessible labels.

Crafting is all about searching for the appropriate tools that work best for the projects you have in mind. Sizzix Framelits and Spellbinders Nestabilities merely differ from each other slightly, but the finest method to find the brand that actually works best for you and your machine experiment is by trying out different die templates.

We’ve got our own means of conveying our own emotions. You might be sad, happy, or mad, and you could just convey these feelings through it. The only requirement it that it must be attractive and the public will accept your art with open arms. You’re not just enjoying yourself, you also get to make a living too.

If you’re thinking of generating revenue through craft making, you must be creative and unique in your own way. Acquiring unique pieces will certainly grab the attention of the public. As a way to do that, then you ought to really think about making use of the sizzix big shot machine. With this machine, you’ll be able to create excellent crafts easily. The great thing about this machine is that it offers a whole lot of features, and could be carried anywhere you’d like. This is a black and pink device that’s compatible even with the die and texture plates of various other brands.

When you created various kinds of craft pieces, a cart of the wide range would be very helpful for you. Carts and crafts have the probability of being a fantastic counterpart for each other. Simply by using a travelling cart to carry all of your crafts to craft trade events will be a big aid for you. Mainly because thru these 2, all of your craft pieces would be done attractively and carted off securely. Carts and crafts is not solely aimed to provide income from making crafts. Hence, you need to obtain a cart. As matter of fact, carts and crafts are a match made in heaven. With a cart, you can have comfort and ease in transporting your pieces. In addition, when you carts for your crafts, you can give your purchasers ease in selecting among your products and have them encourage to get your pieces. Because of carts and crafts it is possible to acquire much more income.